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Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers’ career has finally come under the spotlight as a Premier League manager. Throughout his coaching career Brendan Rodgers has taken his philosophy with him from Chelsea, Watford, Reading to Swansea and Liverpool. While his philosophy has received much attention, little has been paid to the way in which Rodgers develops his philosophy, until now that is. With thousands of fans impatient and judging Brendan’s philosophy on possession alone, the following articles aim to objectively analyse his progress as a philosophy developer during his time at Liverpool Football Club.

A detailed explanation of the positional system that Brendan Rodgers employs at Liverpool FC. Liverpool beat Fulham 4-0 towards the end of the 2012 calendar year, but it wasn’t the scoreline that impressed. The positional system that Liverpool employed was executed to perfection and as a result the ‘ecosystem’ of formations in response to match circumstances was drawn up with an explanation as to how formations should be drawn up as a result of processes not functions.  Click HERE to find out more

Tactical variances of Brendan’s system. Liverpool travelled to Anji of Russia with an extremely young squad, resting the club’s key players. However, Brendan opted to experiment with both players and formation in this game. Despite the 1-0 loss and a lack of any real positive play, it was intriguing to evaluate the success of a different formation with the tiki-taka playing philosophy. We often see teams playing 1-4-3-3 or 1-3-4-3, but Brendan shocked fans with a 5-4-1 (transition to 3-4-2) formation and some interesting tactical instructions. Click HERE to read more

The three month analysis of Liverpool’s development under Brendan Rodgers. The 2-0 loss against Arsenal in September fell three months after his appointment as Liverpool manager. Exactly how much can be achieved in three months? while it was clear that the team would struggle at first, there were some encouraging obvious signs (possession retention, formational structure etc). But how should we measure progress? Click HERE to read more.

How Liverpool will adapt? A pre-appointment perspective on how the philosophy may transfer from Swansea to Liverpool. This particular article is considered by Jed C.Davies as his landmark article and received over one million views on the web. Click HERE to read more.